Asphalt cutting:

We cut Various types of asphalt, this includes roads, sidewalk and driveways. We are able to cut up to 18" in depth

Floor concrete cutting: 

Same as asphalt applications but in concrete

Expansion " control " joints: 

This type of cutting is done after a slab as been poured. Reason for a control joint is to weaken the slab at our cut and control were the crack will be. All slabs move and as it moves or shift due to temperature or other elements crack will happen. Having these type of cuts will keep your floor looking nice.

Wall concrete cutting: 

We cut walls for windows, doors, extentions and other applications that require wall cutting

Core drilling wall in floor: 

we core drill for 1" to 26" in diameter and as deep as needed. this application is used for running plumbing thru floors, dryer hole exhaust and many more.


the chainsaw is used for cutting concrete were no over cuts can be used.


We demo anything concrete or rock

Digging services:

Backhoe and various shovel available

Concrete Scanning :

We can concrete for rebar, mesh, metalic and non-metalic pipes and power